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Japanese Off-Road Adventure Vans

After spotting a Mitsubishi Delica parked in Denver, brothers Cameron and Turner Wyatt decided that it was their ideal vehicle to pursue the dirtbag #vanlife. After a lot of research and a connecting with our good friend, Tomo, the brothers decided to import these sweet vans directly from Japan. 

These vans are not only built for great adventures but are also significantly more affordable than other familiar dirtbag vehicles. Dirtbag Vans wants to get you on the road and playing outside.


What's a Dirtbag?

An individual living life in pursuit of the outdoors, adventure, and humbled by the beauty of nature. Dirtbags often believe that having less is more, and choose experience over possessions. 
These vans are made for explorers, runners, climbers, adventurers, and lovers of the outdoors to live their best lives. Make it your home or haul all your gear.

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Home: About

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